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100,000 Hits in a Month

Checked my Wassup stats for the month of December - looks like the gradual uptick in traffic has been continuing! We had 62,851 Visits, with 101673 Pageviews. 12% of this was Spam (Thank God for Spam filters!), but an adjusted total of 88,960 seems pretty reasonable (especially considering that (since the birth of my son) this site is rarely updated. Might be a good time for some content sharing. Will have to look into it.


Windows 8 Troubleshooting: 1920×1080 Screen not Scaling


  One of my biggest grievances with Using Windows 8 for Business is that I couldn't slide my mouse to the bottom or right-hand side of the 'Metro' Start Menu or any Windows 8 apps without a big gap (or view of the desktop) showing up behind it. I couldn't find any answers online, but saw a couple of mentions discussing Windows 8 having issues scaling text and icons. I experimented with every possible resolution setting, but ended up coming back to the "Change the Size of All Items" option in the display menu. When I first installed Windows 8, I selected 150%. I'm using a 1920x1080 15" laptop screen (at full resolution) and can't always see text when it is scaled to 100%. I corrected the problem with my screen and scaling via the following steps:  Go to your Desktop Right Click Click on "Screen Resolution" Click on "Make more »


Windows 8 Pro for Business Review

I am taking the plunge! Currently I am installing Windows 8 on my T 530 ThinkPad as an upgrade to Windows 7. I am typically not an early adopter, but in this case was too curious to pass it up. Was able to get a great deal on the pro version, using the Windows upgrade promotion. I paid 15 dollars for pro and I'm able to upgrade to Media Center Edition for free. So far it has taken about an hour worth of preparation (backups, clearing space, etc). I started the install approx 8 minutes ago, and am already at 42%. I'll continue updating this post as we go along. I anticipate this to be one of the quicker Windows upgrade that I have done. Lets hope that it doesn't end up being a downgrade and big disappointment.   *Update* The install is complete. Total installation time was around 45 more »


I’m a Dad!!


I am sitting on the couch after a 2am feeding my one-week old, and realized that I have yet to write anything, anywhere (other than posting pics on Facebook) about becoming a dad. I guess it is time to rectify that! My son, Samuel Adam Redko was born a 9:58 am last week. He was a surprising 7lb and 4oz. Surprising because we were told that he would be a 9lb-10lb baby, and his 3d/4d ultrasounds showed a baby much chunkier than the one I held in my arms that morning. No matter- I was (an am) ecstatic to be a dad. This has been a long time coming for my wife and I. We have been married 7 years this November, and are very happy to have the opportunity enter into this new stage of our relationship and family unit. Being a parent is everything and nothing like what more »


How to Root the AT&T Samsung Note SGH-i717

If you are interested in rooting your AT&T/Bell/etc Samsung Galaxy Note, check out's guide on how to root this great new device. If you aren't sure why you would want to root an Android phone or device, I would probably do some more reading online before jumping into making these types of modifications. My primary reason for wanting to Root my Galaxy Note was that I didn't like not being able to delete 'bloatware' apps that AT&T had installed on the device. Although some may find use for them, I was not happy when the AT&T Messages app took over my voicemail and SMS notifications, and made it where I couldn't fully integrate Google Voice. After having to make a call to AT&T's Customer Service to have my voicemail reset, I was still getting SMS notifications via the Messages app instead of Google Voice. After rooting my phone, I more »


Samsung Note: iPhone Killer?

Samsung Note

I have been eying Android devices for quite some time now, but haven't found one that enticed me enough to take the plunge away from the iOS ecosystem (in which I have invested significant resources over the years). Earlier this year, along came the Samsung Note - a ridiculously large device at first glance, but one that was so outside the norm that it caught my attention. I kept reading the reviews, and waiting for the first big 'Oops' moment that comes along with any new 'category defining' flagship device. Months later, I was still waiting. I put my personal phone (iPhone 4) for sale on Craigslist, and had it sold within 2-3 days for almost the same price that I had originally paid for it. I redeemed some of my Best Buy reward points for a $45 voucher, and came away with a Samsung Note and $40 in my more »


Verizon VZAccess 2107 and 2101 Errors


After upgrading the firmware on my  Verizon 3g/4g LTE modem, I began having trouble connecting to the network. I combed through a number of articles and forums. Most said to restart the software, plug and unplug the modem, and other 'fixes'. Two weeks of having to do this repeatedly throughout the day, I delved back into the web to find a better solution. This morning I managed to find a helpful post. There were a number of the aforementioned tips, as well as a link to a Verizon help doc/file that may have solved the problem. Direct Download link is here. A breakdown of the issue and solution is below: There is a device detection issue with the 2730h build in which the application thinks the device is an NDIS ("LAN") device. With the build and firmware previous to 2730h, the device was indeed in "LAN" mode so there were more »


Best DX Ultrawide.. ever?

New Tokina AT-X 11-16 f/2.8 PRO DX Ⅱ lens announced The original version of this lens is one of the best ultra-wide DX lenses out there. It is sharp (for an UW), fast (constant f/2.8), sturdy, and an all-around better option that the other DX Ultrawides on the market. I have yet to see the performance of this iteration, but there is a good chance that it will be worth every penny. The initial price (converting from Japanese Yen) of $1000 is a bit steep, but is sure to drop to around the $600-$700 mark. This lens is for crop sensors (DX for Nikon), but in a pinch, it can be used as a 16mm prime on an FX body. Read more on


iOS5 Iphone & 10.5 Itunes – Apple Mobile Device Issues

UPDATE: When I plugged in my iPad, it ended up overwriting the drivers with an unsigned variant. It is my theory that devices that any devices that have not yet been updated to iOS5 may trigger this reaction. I was able to re-sign the drivers, and set them to Read-Only. Also - based on the traffic that I have been getting, I am most definitely not the only one that is having this problem. Is this going to be AntennaGate all over again? Spread the news about the 'fix' for now - I'm sure that one of the Gizmo blogs will catch on soon UPDATE 2: I am making the 'signed' drivers available below. You will still have to follow the instructions to enable 'test' mode, but should be able to d/l the drivers and put them into their respective folders. Update 3: If the driver is being overwritten, then more »


The First iPhone 5 Review

I was scrolling through Gizmodo (a daily adventure), and came across the 'first' iPhone 5 review. It is a bit of tongue-in-cheek writing, mainly based on speculation and the latest rumors. Made for an interesting read:   I am most interested in seeing the new 8MP camera. I like having a camera with me at all times, and it is especially convenient when that camera can fit into my pocket, and also function as a phone!


Disaster Recovery – Fayetteville, NC

I am helping out with disaster recovery/relief efforts in North Carolina. 40+ tornadoes tore through the state, and the death toll is already surpassing 22. I have posted a few photos below. I haven't had time to take any serious shots, but managed to take these while stuck in traffic. You'll have to forgive any blurriness or poor composition. Many of the main roads through the city and into Fort Bragg have been closed due to excessive damage. There were entire families walking down the streets with their few important possessions in hand, having to leave everything else behind. My prayers go out to the individuals and families affected in this disaster, and hope that power, water and a semblance of normalcy can be restored as soon as possible.


New Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S (Almost) Announced!

The Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S appeared on the Nikon Imaging website for a few hours today. Concurrently, images taken with this lens were ‘leaked’ on a blog belonging to Deborah Sandidge. While misprints are nothing new, it is a rather large coincidence that both the manufacturer and a photographer with a strong relationship with Nikon would make this kind of mistake at the same exact time.   Specs for the new AF-S 50mm f/1.8 are as follows:   The 50mm lens is a staple in the lineup of almost every dSLR manufacturer. As such, Nikon has a number of 50mm options to choose from. From the 50mm f/1.4 AI-S manual focus lens to the very famous 50mm f/1.8 AF version. Most of the other 50mm lenses are either manual-focus or focus using the camera’s built-in motor. The only AF-S 50mm is the Nikon 50mm f/1.4 AF-S, which is very fast more »