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Professional Photography

Pavel & Leigh Redko provide select clientele with professional Family, Baby, Wedding, Commercial and Lifestyle Photography in Atlanta and throughout the SouthEast United States.

Wireless Telecommunications

Pavel Redko specializes in Construction & Engineering for the Wireless Telecommunications industry, and provides Consultation in Starting and Scaling your telecom or tower company.

Licensed Contractor

Pavel Redko is a Licensed General and Electrical Contractor in states ranging from Florida to Alaska.

My Process for Continuous Improvement

  • Learn

    What Motivates You? What are Your Personal, Professional and Business Goals?

  • Plan

    How do we Accomplish your Goals? What are some creative ways to leverage your core competencies?

  • Execute

    Execute, then Evaluate. Repeat when Necessary.

  • Refine

    How can we Improve upon previous actions / attempts?

  • Accomplish

    Check that goal off, and move on to the next!

The Bio

Summarizing your life into a little box isn’t the easiest thing to do, but here goes! My journey started in the former USSR (Belarus), and has led me through many countries, continents and across multiple ocean to get to where I am now – a father of two and husband to an amazing woman living in Greater Atlanta! I am a service-disabled vet and huge supporter of my veteran brothers and sisters. I’ve held General and Electrical Contractor licenses in states from Florida to Alaska, have travelled to 49 out of 50 states, have worked on the tops of massive cellular towers and negotiated contracts with multi-billion dollar corporations. Aside from those hobbies, I love photography, entrepreneurship and spending time doing anything (or even nothing) with my family.

I’ve taken the skills that I developed after a decade in commercial contracting and have brought them into my real estate firm – Greatlanta Real Estate Group. Our company operates under the international umbrella of Keller Williams // KW Commercial, with over 139,000 agents in 790 market centers around the world. I love working with likeminded individuals with a passion for real estate and building wealth – there is no other industry out there like it!